Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Pet? and More About Those Pics

Ummm, about the new pet - see below. This is not a pet I am really interested in keeping. . . I looked around on the net and I think this is a broad banded water snake; at least I hope it is since it seems to have decided to take up residence in the siding on my front porch! I got the picture Monday morning; he just hung out there, just like you see, all morning. And all afternoon, and all evening, and this morning, and afternoon, and evening. I think I'm going to send the picture in an e-mail to the folks at the above web site. Keep your fingers crossed the little guy isn't venomous, since that would freak me out even more than I already am. You would think with all the coming and going from my front door this guy would find a quieter place to live. . . Anybody know a non-lethal way to get a snake to go away?

And about those trial pictures everybody loves - yes, I'm spoiled to have my own personal photographer! Actually, my mom is becoming a bit famous with the local trialling community as she generously takes pictures of specific dogs if asked and e-mails the photos. At the last trial we went to, she put a print out of photos she had taken from the previous trial at the check-in desk and if someone added their address to the photo, she sent the pics by e-mail. I think she ended up with 20 plus people to e-mail by the end of the day. Mmmm hmmm, my mom's AWESOME!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi' and 'Something smells funny around the front door, but mom won't let us check it out!'

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