Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tunnel Sucker

Hmph! I've always been so glad that Mikey was not a tunnel sucker, but he is becoming one. Bummer! We had a heck of a time going from #6 to the dog-walk. Our class was much bigger than it has been the past few weeks, which meant even more time out in the heat. Bleh! So, we're taking the next month off (other that practicing weaves in the dining room, and maybe a little work over at my dad's). We'll start back to class in September, not that September is really any cooler here than August, it's usually just as hot. But I think we all need a little break, particularly since my work schedule has changed and I'm running a bit ragged. My dad and I are planning our first trial of the season in late September, and Holly will be running in Novice Jumpers (please doG she measures at 11 inches or less!) and Mikey will be running Open Jumpers and Standard.

And. . . just 'cause I had to share. . . This little guy reminds me soooo much of Mikey as a baby!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Nancy across the pond at Hudson Doglets has lost her sweet Abbey; she has posted a lovely tribute video on her blog. Go. Cry. Hug your dogs.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Borough Park

Well, whether I like it or not, they have changed the work hours at my company (on top of a bunch of other crap). So now we work 7:30 to 5:30 Mondays through Thursdays, have an 8 hour day every other Friday, and have every other Friday off. I do NOT like! Poor Holly and Mikey; too, too long in their crates all last week. So I promised them a nice weekend. Today's been kind of a bust for them, since I have to get housework and laundry and such done before the start of next week. But. We had a nice walk Saturday morning at a local park. Nice, but relatively short, since it's just too darn hot, even early, to take the kids very far. I took some pictures, but most of them didn't turn out very well. Turns out I had my camera set on macro and didn't realize until we got back to the lake/parking area.

Our walk was followed by a stop at a local 'fru fru' pet store. While the place mainly caters to the local well-to-do, they're a good bunch of folks. Holly and Mikey enjoyed a nice sample of some frozen yogurt treats and we picked up some Sam's Yams for later in the evening.

And then we stopped by my parent's for a quick hi on the way home, and talked ourselves into a pool party (no pics; I forgot to actually take pictures, even though I had my camera with me).

I'm pretty sure Holly and Mikey kept saying to each other, 'Is it your birthday?' 'I don't think so, is it maybe yours?'

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eau de Dead Stuff

There's no point in asking why - why do they do things like this? why did they BOTH do this at the same time? why today, of all days? why me? - the only thing you can do is dump them in the bathtub - and try not to bonk their heads together, like in a cartoon, much as you might be tempted. . .

Monday, July 21, 2008

As I Was Saying. . .

Here's a good article from the Canine Chronicle about the very same thing I was talking about just a few months back. . . Except that she says it all so much better than I did.

Some quotes:

". . . in the case of Eight Belles, Parker had seen the same dangerous crosses, lines of known unsoundness triply crossed behind an unsound sire line: a family tree that bore three branches of the brilliant but unsound racehorse, Raise A Native. He was a very muscular chestnut, heavy on the front end, that had won all four of his starts before he broke down in front and was put out to stud."

"Boundary, Big Browns’ sire, had chronic hoof ailments so a genetic predisposition is more than suspect."

". . . referred to Ruffian as “an accident waiting to happen.” Her dam was a daughter of Native Dancer and her sire had broken a leg three times while in training and a fourth in a paddock accident while servicing a mare."

"As dog fanciers, we are historically tied to the Kentucky Derby. It is the only sporting event older than our own Westminster Kennel Club show. The Jockey Club and our American Kennel Club bear at least one similarity; both have closed studbooks. . . Lessons are to be learned from what has developed as a result of breeding for one quality to the exclusion of others. "

"A parallel might also be drawn, however casually, between the early starts of the racehorse and our young puppies. . . Our dogs often begin their show career as cute, beguiling puppies, gaining their championships quickly and frequently disappearing into the woodwork with no opportunity to determine how they might have matured."

". . . as breeders, we must be serious students of our pedigrees. . . it is imperative that we know the health status and structure, not just of the sire and dam, but also of those who came before."

I guess the really painful thing for me in the above posts is over and over and over, the reference to unsound horses (feel free to substitute 'dog' for 'horse') in the breeding shed. The insanity of that that insanity is so clear to anyone looking in from the outside. Destroy an entire breed in exchange for some big wins in your own lifetime? Sounds crazy, doesn't it? And, perhaps, eerily familiar?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pool Party!

Actually, we've had about half a dozen pool parties already this summer, but I keep forgetting to bring my camera. Good fun and vitamin D had by all.

Do you like the side door we created in the 'big' pool for the short legged Cardis?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Agility 'Til 'Ya Puke

OK. So I didn't actually barf, but there was a moment there. . .

I also learned an important lesson about warming up, no matter how hot it is. No, not Holly and Mikey, they always get a good warm up (and I'm continually amazed that most people don't warm their dogs up), I'm talking about me. I usually jog the last couple of walk throughs at trials, but I'm guilty as charged about not warming up at class. The first time I ran this course with Mikey, both of my knees seized up going down that final 18, 19, 20 line. But when I turned around and ran the course with Holly, I was able to run that last line like a champ. Note to self.

I was so proud of Holly and Mikey this week. And kinda proud of myself too. We all handled the tricky parts of this course very well, and even got compliments from E. You only get a compliment from E if you've really rocked it!

Now if we could only magically transport ourselves to fall. .

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I know, I know. I'm sorry.

It's been a looong time since I offered you a course 'map', so first, here's one from last week.

Mikey and I initially had trouble with the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 line, mostly because the first time we ran it I was way off on signalling for a back cross from 4 to 5, and E suggested a front cross from 3 to 4 instead. So Mikey and I struggled and struggled (OK, I struggled. . . to go ahead of him enough to fit a front cross in). Finally, I repeated my first attempt for a back cross, and got the bloody timing right, and it all came out the way it is supposed to.

Holly is steadily improving. I just have to remember to constantly shout out 'Yay!' 'GO HOLLY!' and 'Excellent!' (and I do mean constantly!) while we're on course, since otherwise, running around in the heat is just sooo not worth it for her. Smart little girl! She's definitely going to be ready to trial in the fall.

And speaking of offerings, I have to share one of the kids cardi-quirks! Holly originally started this, although she doesn't do it as often now as Mikey does. And what is 'this' you ask? Well, every time we get ready to go for a walk, twice daily, and occasionally when we go out for a simple trip to use the restroom, Holly and Mikey get very excited. And they want to bring me something, I suppose a little gift to let me know they appreciate their walkies. For whatever reason, they like to run back into the bedroom to look for their little gift. About half the time I get a dog toy, or a chewy. And the other half of the time I get any article of clothing that has been left laying on the floor in the bedroom, mostly socks. And I take whatever they bring and say thank-you and put their collars on.

So if you show up to my place in the middle of a busy week, and I haven't had time to pick up, don't laugh at the dog toys and socks piled all around the entry.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.