Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cr@ppy Course Night

Ugh! Boy, was I off tonight; had trouble remembering the course, had trouble remembering the names of obstacles ('Mikey, Go Thing!' or 'Mikey, ummmmm?'), had trouble keeping from tripping over myself, Mikey, the jumps, you name it. Good thing I was running Mikey, because when Holly used to do agility with me, my performance tonight would have earned me a serious tongue lashing in front of doG and everyone. Seriously. Holly has no problem telling me off at the top of her voice. Mikey, however is more patient, and mostly just looked confused tonight (until I stepped on him, at which point he did give me a look that clearly said 'Geez, get your sh!t together!').

All humor aside, tonight was really awful. I normally feel energized after class, even if I'm not feeling well physically, but tonight, not so much. I've been really wiped (or whipped, or both) all week and I wonder if I've got a sinus infection setting in. I think I'll try and get in to the docs tomorrow. On the other hand, fatigue is a normal condition for RA, and headaches are a side effect of Enbrel, so it may be nothing.

Right now I'm a bit up in the air about the trial this weekend. This one is several hours away and just the thought of driving there is making me feel more tired, much less the thought of running Mikey in three classes. I guess I'm hoping I've got a sinus infection and that a couple of days of antibiotics will help and I'll feel up to going; the weather this weekend is forecast to be just gorgeous.

Currently reading 'Inside the World of Warren Jeffs' by Dr. Carole A. Western.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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