Monday, April 21, 2008

Or Maybe Not

There are three ways to cross our bayou. At the concrete spillway, which usually only has a trickle of water over it, where the street crosses over the bayou, or find a silt island and cross there (if the water level is low) by jumping over the little streams that go around the islands. Does all this make sense? Of course, at this time of year, those little islands are covered in a thick growth of water plants.

This evening we walked on the 'other' side of the bayou for a while and I thought we could short cut back across the bayou on a little island, since we had done the same thing at the same place last week. I made the dogs wait for me to go first so I could make sure they crossed where they wouldn't get muddy. Right as I was ready to jump over to the island, I saw a good sized stick nestled in the plants right where I was going to jump. A stick? Eeeeeek!!! A snake!

Short cut anyone? Maybe not!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.


Guppy said...

Perhaps it was your banded water snake coming along on your walkie?

Cardimom said...

I can only hope so, especially since I saw another one up ON the bayou where walk last night! What's the deal? I haven't seen any snakes for years, and now they're popping up every where!