Saturday, April 12, 2008

Capital City Agility Trial

Compromise was the name of the game. I'm still feeling pretty icky (although no sinus infection, confirmed by the dr), so I decided to just run in Standard and Jumpers and not stay for the FAST class; that way I could get home by 7ish instead of past 10 at night.

We had a pretty nice day, starting out with an absolutely gorgeous drive through the Texas country side. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful today, and all of the trees and the grass were that bright spring green. And the wild flowers! Field after field with every shade of pink and orange and yellow and, of course, bluebonnets.

Our first class was Standard, and except for a little oops at the first jump, it was a lovely clean run. I left Mikey waiting at the start and then made the mistake of looking back to check on him half way to where I wanted to start from and he was off! He came around the first jump to me (I think because he saw the look on my face), but I sent him back around the first jump and it was only a five point refusal. The rest of the run was great, with a score of 95 at 49.86 seconds (SCT was 75).

Our Jumpers run was a mixed bag. Mikey hit a bar on the very first jump, and there was 'something' going on with the tunnel, but over all I was very pleased with our run. The 'something' with the tunnel - the first dog on course went into the tunnel, then turned around and came back out, and then did it again, and again, and finally took the tunnel. Next, Mikey did the same thing, but after he refused the tunnel the third time, I decided I better listen to him and just skipped the tunnel. After we finished our run I stopped by the stewards desk and suggested that they check the tunnel, as Mikey has never refused a tunnel, and the dog before us did the same thing. Well, after four more dogs in a row had the same problem, they finally did check the tunnel, and ended up bringing a new tunnel out and replacing it. I never did find out what was in the tunnel.

I was very please with both runs in that the areas of both courses that I had the most concerns about went very smoothly and Mikey and I both had so much FUN!

Oh, and on the way home I stopped by a honey farm. Unfortunately they were out of chunk and cut comb honey, but I got some great honey roasted sunflower seeds to munch on on my way home, and they gave me the name of someone in my area for honey (if I can find their phone number).

Currently re-reading 'The Clan of the Cave Bear' by Jean Auel.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

Some Texas wildflower pictures I found on the internet (and yes, it really does look this beautiful in spring in Texas). I wish I had my camera with me today. . .


Cait said...

Hey! I have someone on a board looking for an agility school north of Houston- any reccs?


Cardimom said...

I go to Leaps and Bounds agility - Call the phone number, since I don't think they check the e-mail very often. Another good place (I've used to go there for obedience classes is Dogwood - I think the attitude is more relaxed at Leaps and Bounds.

Cait said...