Saturday, April 5, 2008

Not The Fun Part

The problem; I just don't enjoy breed shows any more, and haven't' for a while. And it shows. Mostly in my handling. Poor Mikey. He was a complete sh!t; I couldn't get his nose off the ground long enough for the judge to see his gait, I couldn't get his nose off the table long enough to stack him, and he wouldn't hold still long enough for the judge to examine him. There was nothing for her to judge. And I'm convinced that his biggest problem was that he was picking up on my angst. Mapquest led us on a wild goose chase, so we were late getting there; as in showing up in time to pull Mikey out of the car, put my jacket on, and hustle to the ring and grab my number, watch the first Cardi, and walk in the ring. And the show site was muddy - with red clay. Just a mess of a morning, start to finish. I'm not going tomorrow. And I'm really questioning why I feel like I have to finish Mikey, since I do this for fun, and today wasn't fun for anyone.

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