Sunday, April 20, 2008

Return of the Diva?

So, for several weeks now, my brain (or heart?) has been tortured because Holly is getting left out. . . a lot. I really, really miss playing agility with her, and I think she misses it too. I know she used to enjoy it, and if nothing else she enjoyed 'working' with me. And I've noticed some slow, subtle changes in here attitude; I don't think her needs are being met. Try as I might to give her lots of attention, it's just not the same as actually working together. And I keep thinking, she's doing really well and is down to half a dose of Rimadyl, and I think she's short enough to run in the 4 or 6 inch preferred. And so, this morning, Holly got to run a course at Leaps n Bounds when I went over to practice with Mikey. Kind of a trial run to see how she feels the next couple of days. If she seems to continue feeling good, I'll put her in Mikey's class and consider entering her in trials next fall. I will only run her in Jumpers classes, since I think the A-frame would put too much stress on her hips. At class, we can just skip the A-frame.

Holly did really well this morning, and quite obviously was having a great time! Maybe my sassy little Agility Diva is on her way back!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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Jules and Ike said...

Ms. CardiParty - Can you direct me to an old post that will explain what's going on with Holly. I read your blog off and on and never realized there was a physical reason why Ms. Holly doesn't play.