Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh No!

They've scalped the bayou! I guess there goes the wild flowers for me this year. . . Glad I managed to get some pics of the few wildflowers out there on Sunday.

In other news, I'm not doing so well. I left work at noon and spent the afternoon wrapped head to toe in a heated blanket on high. The good news is that I managed to get an appointment with my rheumatologist next week; hope I can get some help.

Also, Cait asked about agility classes on the north side of Houston. Here are the actual links - Leaps n' Bounds and Dogwood. I took all of my early obedience classes with both Holly and Mikey at Dogwood, and they're really good and have a defined training philosophy and are very methodical. I've been going to Leaps n' Bounds since the original instructor with Rough n' Ready agility club retired. Leaps n' Bounds doesn't seem to have as much of a defined training philosophy and they only do handling exercises once a month (at least in the competition class, it may be different in beginner classes), but I think there is a much more relaxed atmosphere in comparison to Dogwood. Just my two cents.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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Hudsondoglets said...

Gorgeous photos - thanks for sharing them!