Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Title

Pecan Valley DreamCatcher NAP, NJP, CGC

Mikey was awesome! He had a great standard run, with 100 points at 45.23 seconds (SCT 73 seconds) and first place for his Novice Standard title! Mikey's first Open Jumpers course was great too, although he knocked a bar. I was thrilled with his Open run; Mikey was sooo responsive and FAST! Our knocked bar was my fault; I have to remember that even though he can turn on a dime, I have to give him enough room to get that long body over those jumps on a sharp turn! I was a little nervous because when we were walking the course I could tell I was choosing back crosses and outs where a lot of people were choosing front crosses, but happily I chose right for our team and Mikey nailed everything I asked of him (wearing his trademark smile the whole way)! And after watching the FAST class, I hope I'm ready to run Mikey in FAST at the next trial.

Meg had a more difficult day; my dad pulled her after the first few obstacles in her Standard run because she decided to go dove hunting instead of playing agility. Her Jumpers run was better, with a little wild running in the first part of the course, but a brilliant last half to the finish; sadly, no Q in Jumpers, but. . . . a Q in FAST! Yay!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi' and Mikey says ' Oh Boy! Agility trail, my FAVORITE'!

Thanks for the awesome pics mom!!


Hudsondoglets said...

Hey, well done. Great result. I love the picture of him exiting the pipe tunnel. He is really enjoying himself!

Nicki said...

Those pictures are awesome! Congrats on the title.

manymuddypaws said...

wow! Great Job Mikey!!! I love the pictures!!! What a good boy!

Katrin said...

Cardigrandma takes some awesome photos!!!


CardiGrandma said...

Congratulations Cardimom and Mikey!!!!! Way to GO!!!! and go and go and go!!