Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trial Pics

I bowed out of the trial today. Not only am I just not up to going physically (yeah, RA sucks), I got way behind last week and never got caught up. For starteres, it really sounds like a good idea to have some clean underwear for the work week. . .

It would have been nice if the cold front due tonight/tomorrow morning had come through a couple of days early; temps were in the high 70's.

I wasn't as mentally prepared as I wish I had been; we had an off course in our standard run because when it was time to call Mikey for a turn, all I could get out was something like, 'D'oh'! And we had a 'refusal' in our jumpers course which was really an of course because the jump was suddenly just there, and I hadn't pushed Mikey out enough to take that jump. Other than those booboo's, we had very nice runs and Mikey had a blast (as if he ever doesn't!). Mikey finished his Jumpers title with two 100 scores (from the last trial) and a 95 (from this trial). The SCT was 48 seconds, Mikey's time was 26.95. Mikey also got his second Standard leg with a score of 95; the SCT was 75 seconds and Mikey's time was 46.8 seconds. Second place for both classes.

My dad's dog Meg has really good runs and got a Q and into the ribbons for both Standard and Jumpers, but she was a little full of herself and in both runs she started to do that over excited, wild dog running around. My dad was also entered in FAST, but my mom and I left for home because the schedule was running so late. My dad said she started the wild running around again in FAST and this time he called her to him, put her in a down, and 'escorted her out the ring and strait to her kennel'. The goofy running wild thing is not something he wants her to make a habit of.

Oh, and I also am entering Mikey in breed at a show the first weekend of April; honestly, I never would have believed he would finish an agility title before getting his Champion, after all, we had a huge head start in breed.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi' and Mikey says 'Agility Trial! Oh boy! My FAVORITE!!'

They had really neat new title ribbons, heres a close-up.


Katrin said...

Congrats on the new titles to you and your father!! Any Mikey really does have that "Oh boy! My favorite!" look on his face when he's doing agility! :-)

manymuddypaws said...

Yahoo! Way to go Mikey. Great pictures by the way!

StubbyDog said...


Hudsondoglets said...

Congratulations! I love your dogs, they are so cute!

Thanks for your nice comments about my Crufts round.