Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Fever

To use LOLcats speak, 'Spring Fever, I has it!' Yep, the days are warmer, the sun is out, and I'm getting spring fever. I spent several hours on Saturday pulling up plants that weren't doing well and getting pots cleaned up and ready for new plants. Holly and Mikey hung out on the back porch and 'helped'. Since I have a three day weekend next weekend, this weekend seemed like a good time to get everything ready for a trip to the nursery next weekend. I am definitely cutting back on plants this year; in the past I had dozens of exotic and care intensive ferns and I have lost them all over the past several years because I just don't have that much time anymore (can anyone say young dogs?). This year I'm cutting back even more, but I've still got to pot up a few new plants and have some green stuff around.

My dad and I went over to Leaps n' Bounds today for a very nice practice session, at which I got marks off for being a bad mommy. The first time I ran the course with Mikey, I was trying to set him up at the start line and he just wouldn't lay down, even when I physically tried to make him. Finally a couple of brain cells fired and I thought, hmmm, this behavior really isn't normal for Mikey and I thought to brush my hand through the grass. Argh!!! Bull nettles! Poor Mikey; I felt like such a sh!t. Yet another time that I learn the lesson of listening to my dogs!!!!!

Currently reading 'Daughter of the Blood' by Anne Bishop

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

Here's one of my favorite pictures in the wild flowers from last spring. . .

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