Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bad Blogger

I know, I'm a bad blogger and haven't been posting. . .

Easter weekend was loads of fun with car washing, gardening, and agility. I'll post pictures later today (at least I hope I'll get to it). We're entered in an agility trial this weekend, but only on Saturday, and wouldn't you know it's supposed to storm on Saturday (but not on Sunday)! I've got a nasty head cold, so I may not actually be disappointed if Saturday is stormy; I really doubt I could run and call out commands and actually breath all at the same time at this point.

Poor Mikey, I stayed home from agility class last night. When mom's sick, it sucks for the kids.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi' and 'Mom's booooooring! (and sound like a frog).'

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Hudsondoglets said...

Sympathy for the cold, I've got one too. We're booked into a weekend agility show but we're not going to take the caravan as it's been so wet we don't fancy the idea of a weekend in the mud with six dogs! We might travel up for one day. Hope your trial goes well at the weekend!