Monday, October 1, 2007

New Agility Class

Wow, Mikey and I are pooped! We are definitely going to be working our tails off in this class. Tonight was exercise night, which means that we broke up into groups based on jump height and practiced different skills exercises. The last exercise my group did was a stretched out serpentine meant to practice back-crosses. Ugh! This should have been our first exercise, since it was the hardest for me and Mikey and by the time we got to it we were both tired. In fact, I was starting to feel a little sorry for my high energy boy because he was so obviously worn out. Of course besides the amount of work we did it was really humid and still probably in the upper 80's at class time, which didn't help. Thank goodness next week is course week. Not that I think the courses that these instructors (E and C) design will be anything but tricky and maddeningly hard!

Enough for now; time for bed. . .

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.


Katrin said...

Ooooo, sounds like fun!! Glad you were able to find a good new class!

manymuddypaws said...

sounds like although it was hard you had fun!