Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Don't Do That!

Don't you ever want to shake one of your dogs and yell that at the same time? Not really, but yeah, really?

We got out of bed this morning and Mikey was the three legged dog! Seriously. Would not put any weight on his left back leg and actually had trouble eliminating because he would not put weight on that leg. In fact I carried him out to the lawn and back because he looked so miserable. And my little shadow boy didn't follow me around as I was getting ready for work like he always does.

Of course I immediately hit panic mode and assumed something really awful, but both Cardigrandma and the techs over at our vets convinced me not to overreact and to give Mikey some of Holly's rimadyl and see how things go. Which of course was good advice, because he hadn't actually had an injury, at least that I was aware of.

And when I got home at lunch he was hardly lame anymore. And when I got home at the end of the day, I knew I was going to have trouble keeping him quiet tonight. Guess it was just a muscle that had tightened really badly overnight. I knew he was overdoing it last night! I need to do a better job of just stepping out of class when my dog looks done in; he's my responsibility and if he's not fit enough to finish class then we need to stop!!

So, to Mikey, 'Don't Do That!! Frightening the Cardimom is NOT allowed!!'


Traci said...

what a precious baby picture!!!! Glad he's on the mend!!!

I need orange said...

Glad he seems to be ok! Scary when something like that happens!!!!

Great pics of the moths!

Angello said...

such a cute doggy. looks so innocent. keep bloging. nice photos you got here :-) keep working

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