Monday, October 15, 2007


Agility. Thanks mom!

Pet-Fest. We didn't stay long; too hot and not enough shade.

Bonus! Pictures of my dad's dog Meg at the place they practice for hunt tests (ie A good place to 'try' to wear Meg out).


CardiGrandma said...

Yes, we are a dog family...I mean pack. Love those cardis for bringing so much fun and happiness to life!

Leila said...

Thank you for your comment on my LiveJournal K9 Spec Ops. :) I am actually really pleased to have had you guys find me. It's so nice to have agility cardigan friends.

Your two are just gorgeous! Lovely lovely faces.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress as well. Waht classes and stuff do you take?

As an aside, I lived in Temple, TX for about 15 months back around 2000 and trained with the Travis Agility Group. The two thngs I miss about Texas - the oodles and oodles of high quality agility and the wildflowers in the Spring - Amazing.

Leila - K9 Spec Ops