Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, we're back from my parents. Our course was two jumps up the middle, weaves down one side, and teeter or chute down the other side. So, weave, turn jump backcross jump, turn chute or teeter, turn jump backcross jump, turn weave. My parent's backyard isn't that big, so everything was tight. Mikey did great, and Holly played too, with the jumps set with just a pole on the ground. Cardigrandma got some pictures, so hopefully I'll get a hold of them later and share.

Also, while driving home, I had a thought for Maverick; more of a long term solution. Teach him 'watch me'! Start this out at your place with no distractions and a handful of treats. Hold a treat by your face and say 'watch me', and then give him the treat when he looks. Build on this by over time moving the hand with the treat down to your side, but he still has to look at your face to get the treat. And then build on that by doing it outside with a few easy distractions around. Always reward with treats (green beans?). Eventually, this is something that can be used to refocus his attention when the Rottie or whoever comes around. Carry a bag of treats in your pocket or waist band.

You know, everyone that has dogs has something they do that needs work. For me, it's stuff that I'm too lazy to consistently insist on better behavior. Like excessive barking when a guest comes to the door. I would really rather my guys would do a sit and wait when someone comes to the door, but I've just been too lazy to consistently reinforce this every time. Asking for a sit and wait sometimes, and sometimes just letting them bark and dance around when I open the door is not ever going to work. On the other hand, some of their 'naughty' behaviors are just things that don't really matter to me, but might be unacceptable to someone else. The most recent thing I've started reinforcing is meal time behavior. Mikey just lays around and waits for his food, but Holly hops up and down and sometimes barks. It's finally gotten annoying enough that I'm doing something about it. Both dogs are doing a sit-stay or down-stay at the entry to the kitchen from here on out.

Now, on to Pet-Fest!

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