Monday, October 8, 2007

Course Night!

Course night. Mikey and I did pretty good, if I say so myself. I played around in PowerPoint and hopefully the course plot makes sense.

Mikey is still having some trouble with the A-frame. I think maybe the problem is just that it takes so much effort to get up there that he gets intimidated. He also knocked quite a few jumps. Mikey and I slacked off on conditioning work right after the Reliant show, so knocking the jumps may be a lack of conditioning. On the other hand, he's a pretty heavy chested dog (not that he isn't supposed to be) and 12 inches may be asking too much. Also, my dad and I didn't do the careful jumping form exercises starting Mikey out like we did with Holly, so he may be jumping sloppy. I know when I look at pictures of him jumping he seems to be taking off awfully early for the height of the jumps. In any case, for now I'm dropping him back to jump at 8 inches. And I guess if I enter a trial this month I'll go with the 8 inch jump height.

Also, yeah, it's still hot and humid. Sooooo ready for the first realy cool front. And, here are some old agility pics of Mikey.


Guppy said...

Last picture: "Zoom Zoom!"

Traci said...

I SO want to do agility with Kota... *sigh* If only i had the time or consistent schedule to do it!