Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dog Fest

Dog Fest was fun, although we got off to bad start. I left the house later that I had planned and ended up having to park way out from the park along the road. In all the bustle of finding parking, and then getting the dogs unloaded from the car, and locking the car up, as we started walking toward the park I suddenly felt like I was forgetting something. . . like my bag with the camera, and water, and money, and KEYS! Gaaaah!

The K-9 Police there for demos didn't have a slim jim, neither did the Tomball Police officer that was stationed at the park, although he said he was heading back to the station and check there. So we went back to the car and I tucked Holly and Mikey up under the shade of the car and waited for the officer to come back. After a very long, hot wait, a Tomball Fire and Rescue truck drove around the corner and I flagged them down. A big shout out to Tomball Fire and Rescue for getting us into our car! Man, it's been years since I locked my keys in the car! The only good thing about that whole situation is that the dogs were out of the car, because it was already getting pretty hot out, and I was parked in the sun.

So, after all of that hullabaloo, we got to enjoy Dog Fest. K-9 Police demo, an awesome blessing of the animals (including a personal laying of hands and blessing after the group blessing), agility demos, lots of vendors, lots of rescue booths, and dogs and people of every kind and size. We're all pretty pooped, and I think Holly and I a least are a little leg sore. Mikey was right in his element, getting to meet lots of people and dogs. I think Holly had a good time early on, but got pretty tuckered out pretty quickly; I ended up carrying her part of the way back to the car (I know, but whenever she looks tired I worry about her hips hurting).

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi' and 'We both got a new toy and a molasses cookie!'

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CardiGrandma said...

Glad you got to enjoy the festival after all! Great shots of the event. LOVE the last shot with that sweet paw on that big foot. Humankind's love of animals gives me hope for the world.