Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Better Than An OTCH!

For those of you unfamiliar with the lingo, OTCH stands for Obedience Trial Champion. Years of work and dedication go into obtaining an OTCH, and people who have earned that title with their dog take great pride in their achievement. So what could be better than an OTCH? A dog (or dogs) that are well behaved and (most of the time) easy to live with, that's what!!

I swear my guys get an almost evil pleasure out of performing a perfect sit stay while mommy (me) walks some misbehaving, loose, bucking bronco of a dog back to it's chagrined owners. This has happened more than once (with different dogs) now. Honestly, when I turn around to walk back to them, they look very smug and superior. Guess I can't blame them!

Oh yeah, earning an OTCH some day in the dreamy future would be awfully nice too!

Currently reading 'Kushiel's Justice' by Jacqueline Carey.

Holly and Mikey say nothing, they just look insufferably smug.


Fox lady said...

Aww, they both look so happy in this photo. Great shot of them in the fall leaves too, I can't believe fall is almost already here. My favorite season though.

manymuddypaws said...

I'd love to get an OTCH one day- it's a great goal but right now I am aiming for at least a UDX....

the picture is great by the way!

Christopher Landauer said...

You've got the right perspective of not letting the certificate supersede the higher good that it's supposed to represent. What good is a diploma if you didn't learn anything? What good is a clean record if you just didn't get caught?

Wise people don't confuse the trappings of success with true accomplishment. An award is a trapping, the true accomplishment is earned and enjoyed every time your training pays off in the real world.

Aunt Andi said...

As you know, my Maverick would not get an OTCH. In fact, I was lead back to your blog (I'm loving it!)after quite some time of not keeping up with it, because I was researching doggy advice. Mav loses his mind every time we run into the homeless Rott living on our premises. How should I respond?