Monday, September 24, 2007


Thanks so much Border Wars; years of college (thanks mom and dad!), and over ten years as a working research scientist, and the best I can do is a B on an eighth grade science test. Oh yeah, I'm feeling soooo smart at the moment! :-)

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In other news, the CardiKids and I are just boring right now. Very little of any interest is going on here. Well, with two exceptions.

This guy

scared the sh!t out of us one night by bonking into the front door and then frantically fluttering against the door. I can't really describe the sound, but I can assure you that we all got up when he initially hit the door. And when I say got up, I mean we GOT UP - about two feet straight up - all of us! And then when I opened the door to see what was out there, he decided to come on inside. I can assure you that in real life, after dark, this guy is way to big to be at all attractive! I got this picture because he came to visit several days in a row, this day in the morning.

The only other vaguely interesting occurrence was my spectacular faint at work on Friday. Happily our important visitors that we had been meeting with that morning had just left. And no, I have no idea why this happened. I have passed out from heat twice in my life, but never have I just keeled over for no apparent reason. Assuming this doesn't happen again, I'm just chalking it up to a fluke.

Currently re-reading 'Kuchiel's Dart' by Jacquline Carey.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi' and 'We're booooored', 'whine, whine, etc, etc'.

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