Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekend Roundup

Just some random 'stuff' from a mostly relaxing weekend.

This is Maverick. He and his person are one of our walking buddies. This little fellow was literally picked up wandering the streets, with heartworms. Maverick is the most mellow, laid-back dog I have ever met, and a real cutie, as you can see. I'm pretty sure he is a Cardigan cross becaue his body shape is all corgi.

And I have no idea who these two are, but we see them every morning on weekends. Their people walk on the other side of the bayou, and we all wave and shout 'Good morning', but it's too far across for more. Those dogs must have a lot of energy; their people throw a frisbee down into the bayou over and over and over. . .

And here's some pretty flowers from the bayou. I had some pictures of them in an earlier post and said I thought they were azaleas, but cardigrandma says it's the wrong time of year. Anyone know what they are?

And finally, the prodigious pile of hair groomed out of Holly and Mikey yesterday. Although it's a little blurry, I just think this picture is hilarious! Mikey looks just SHOCKED! And Holly looks totally mortified! The truth is, that pile is about 3/4 Mikey hair!

We also had a very fun visit to the cardigrandparents house this morning. The dogs ran mad in their backyard and I got to peek at the cardinal's nest that cardigrandma has been enjoying for the past week. If cardigrandma will e-mail some pictures over (hint, hint) I will gladdly share them with everyone!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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CardiGrandma said...

I think the flowers are Oleanders. Loved watching the cardis run and play this morning!!