Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lots 'O Stuff

Be patient, there's lots of photos to load, but they're worth the wait.

Congratulations to Patrick and Jane Smith owners, and Barbara Tannahill breeder, of Ch. Llynhill Autumn Breeze, Best of Breed at the National! Here is a picture of Autumn going Best in Show at the Portland Rose City Classic this year. Owner handled all the way! Woo hoo! And Twinroc Settting Hearts Afire, bred by Paul and Doris, and owned by Susan Givens & R Graef Jr, went Winners Bitch at the National! For complete results go to CWCCA.

Mikey was awesome, as usual, at agility class on Thursday. We had a 16 obstacle course that was very tight and technical. Mikey is soooo repsonsive to my signals and voice commands, and sooo fast. I have got to haul @ss to keep up with him. That's really the only problem with handling Mikey. It's just soooo hard to keep up with him, and he kills my knees every time!

Thursday also was handler fall night. All three of us busted our butts, but thank goodness no one got hurt. It's so great to watch not just Mikey's progress, but the progress of my classmates too. There is an adorable yorky that has been in our class ever since we started with J; she has come so far since we have started, and her handler has improved even more! They are awesome to watch together, but when we first started, not so much.

Holly didn't get to play since she has been lame on and off for the past couple of weeks; hoping that she will be able to go next week. And J, proving again how great dog people are, is going to work with me as far as paying for classes so that I can continue to go to classes even with the dental/Enbrel expenses.

Holly, Meg, my dad and I had our second Rally-O class yesterday. None of us were 'on' like we were at the last class. But on the other hand, we didn't do badly either. I think the courses this time had more stations, making them seem a little bit more choppy and making it a little more difficult to get in the 'groove'.

Holly also was a little more full of herself this time, and definitely had her sassypants on! She told me off several times when she got frustrated with me; either when she couldn't understand what I wanted, or when I asked her for something she didn't want to do. Technically at a show she might have been penalized for excessive barking, but she just tickles me so much that it's hard to correct her. I'm sure it's not the effect she's going for, but she is adorable when she's being sassy. She didn't bark at the last class, and I suspect that at an actual show, in a place she's not familiar with, she won't be so sassy. I'm planning on showing her at least a little at the big Reliant Shows cluster. Money is tight, but hey! the dogs are my only extravagence.

Cardigrandma and I took a walk around her 'Heron Lake' this morning. I got lots of pictures of the baby ducks, and a few of the herons. The heron nests were high in the trees with the morning sun behind them, so I wasn't able to get any decent shots of them. It is a beautiful lake, and was a beautiful morning.

And then we took the kids for a walk on the bayou over by her house, which they thought was awesome 'cause it's always great to smell new smells. Cardigrandma got some great shots of Holly and Mikey.

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed that farking Unicare cooperates so that I can get my next refill on Enbrel this week and continue my course of treatment. I can't begin to say how much better I feel. The joint pain is lots better, not gone, but much better. The huge difference is in my energy level! There are just not words to describe how much better I feel! I actually felt up to agility class this week for the first time in months! And then rally class yesterday, and the lake walk this morning. Just a few weeks ago all I wanted to do was sleep all the time on weekends; and making it through the work week was pure toture! Think good thoughts!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.