Monday, May 7, 2007

Mikey Got Sh!t Faced

I know, it's a terrible title to use. But true, just not in the way you think. Mikey rolled his sweet little face in cat sh!t this morning. He's such a little darling! After all, I really wanted to bathe half a dog before work this morning! What a way to start the week off!

Now for something a bit more pleasant. Cardigrandma sent pictures from yesterday morning, AND some pictures of the cardinal babies, including a little fellow that decided he was old enough to leave the nest today. Cardigrandma and I agree he looks a little young to have left the nest, and we have added him to our worry list (ha, HA, ha).

Also, tomorrow, May 8, there will be an online panel at about the pet food recall and related issues: invites you to attend a special panel discussion of the pet recall crisis, on Tuesday, May 8 at 10 PM Eastern Time.When Menu Foods, back on March 16, announced its first recall of pet foods due to melamine contamination, the mainstream media was only briefly interested.To a small group of bloggers, it was apparent from the first days that this story was much larger than most people thought. They began compiling data, comparing information, collecting personal stories, and digging for facts.

Joining us will be:
Gina Spadafori and Christie Keith of
Ben Huh of
Therese Kopiwoda of and
Kim Duke of

There is nothing to download or install, but you do need to have Java enabled in your browser. Before the night of the chat, please click on this link and verify you can access the chat room. If you have problems, please visit our chat help area. If you still can't access the chat, you can contact Ginger Sanders prior to the night of the chat. On Tuesday, May 8, at 10 PM ET, simply enter the Auditorium. If you are registered for our site, use your regular username and password to log in. If not, just click on Login as a guest, enter your name, and join us.

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