Saturday, May 12, 2007

Someone Stop the Bunny!

That little energizer bunny is just causin' all kinds of trouble! I had my dental appointment yesterday, but no, it's not over yet! And MORE pet food recalls yesterday! That bunny is just pure evil! But if you don't want to hear any of that, just scroll on down, 'cause you can never go wrong with puppy pictures.

So, Royal Canin recalled has recalled eight Sensible Choice dry dog food products and seven Kasco dry dog and cat food products. . . from rice protein concentrate purchased from a company called Cereal Byproducts, who received it from Wilbur-Ellis. And now fish can be added to the chickens and hogs fed melamine contaminated feed.

Feed contaminated with an industrial chemical was distributed to 57 fish hatcheries and fish farms in Canada, according to the federal food watchdog.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed Friday that Vancouver-based Skretting Canada supplied the fish feed, tainted with the same contaminated Chinese wheat flour linked to the recent poisonings of cats and dogs in Canada and the United States.
Canada’s food watchdog says 57 fish hatcheries and fish farms bought melamine-contaminated food pellets.
CFIA officials said it’s unlikely the contamination would spread to the human food supply since the feed was given to young fish.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Skretting distributes its fish feed to 198 U.S. companies — 60 of which are estimated to have received the tainted product. FDA officials noted two of the American customers produce fish for human consumption.
CFIA is holding at the border and testing all shipments from China of wheat, rice, soy and corn gluten and protein concentrates.

And I had two root canals and a filling done yesterday (happily done under IV sedation, it's sooo worth the money!). And I thought that would be the end of that, but no, not so fast! The dentist couldn't quite get to the last little piece of pulp on one root on one tooth. So I will be making a trip to the endodontist that did two root canals for me last year soon, and hoping that he can get the job done.

Sorry I've had so little Mikey and Holly related material lately; all three of us wish there was more fun stuff going on too! No agility for four weeks; three rain outs and one where I just felt too crummy to go. And no agility play in my parents back yard for a long time, also because I have just felt too crummy. No shows; going to try to finish Mikey at the big Reliant Series in July. Next Rally-O class is next weekend, and please don't tell the instructor that I've only done the bare minimum of practice since our last class.

Please doG, soon life will swing back in a better direction, someone will put an end to the Energizer Bunny's rampage, and I will have lots of fun agility, rally, and conformation stories to share.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

Oh, and dont' let all the toys and stuff in these pictures give you the wrong idea, Holly and Mikey are NOT spoiled!

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