Monday, September 15, 2008

Power is Back

At my place only. Based on what I've heard on the radio the past couple of days, I'm one of four in the southeast Texas area to have power.

I came back to my place late Saturday afternoon (I've been taking 'notes' on my laptop the past couple of days, which I will post eventually). My complex came through the storm pretty well, and all of the windows in my apartment are intact, yay! My parents place survived the storm well too, although some of their neighbors didn't do as well; one house across from my parents, a single mom with two kids, in particular, filled with water early Saturday morning.

The power went out at my parents at 6 am Saturday during the height of the storm, and they are still without power. I was amazed when mine came back, since we've been hearing on the radio that Montgomery county would be without power for up to three weeks, because a couple of power stations where destroyed, plus all of the downed trees on lines, plus downed poles.

I'm currently freezing jugs, large tupperware containers, and trays of ice in my freezer for my parents and their neighbors, although I don't suppose many of them still have perishables. I know I hauled the entire contents of my freezer, and all the perishables in my frig (except veggies), out to the dumpster yesterday because everything was barely cool to the touch. On the other hand, my mom has a nicer frig than I do, and some of the stuff in her freezer is still frozen, so maybe that's the case with some of her neighbors.

My dad is coming to get the ice I am making and with the items left in their freezer, plus all of my mom's and my Enbrel (our injectable rheumatoid arthritis drug that has to stay refrigerated). Thank goodness my power came back on before we lost the Enbrel, since it costs a fortune for a one month supply, and we don't know when we will be able to buy more either.

And then I'm off to go help somewhere, since I am one of the privileged few to have power to come home to; oh, and since I've never heard from anyone in my company, I guess I should call someone to find out what is up with work.

I'll keep in touch as I can. Bottom line is me, my parents, and all of our dogs are fine, which is more than many people in southeast Texas can say. Keep this region in your prayers. . .


Traci said...

glad your place survived the storm and that you have Power as a bonus!! :)

Katrin said...

glad to hear you guys are ok. best of luck with everything. keep in touch when you can.