Thursday, September 11, 2008

Go Away Ike!

Guess what I'm getting for my birthday tomorrow? I hurricane!?!

I've got tons of photos from our trip to the Frio last weekend, I will post them as soon as I'm able.

Keep your fingers crossed for all of us here in the Houston area, as we are expecting hurricane force winds as far north as my neck of the woods.


penni said...

Ike reports make it sound huge and very dangerous. Be safe. Those of us away from the storm will be thinking very good thoughts for you.

Jules said...

Oh no!! I can't believe it is picking up so much force again - it had gone down to a Category 1 (from a 3). I have been following the details closely since my dog shares a name. Dork alert.

Be safe, I hope it downgrades again.

dreameyce said...

Happy bday!! Even if it'll be wet, and VERY windy!

Eww! I live in earthquake zone, and am very glad to not be in the hurricane zone! (I grew up with tornadoes)

penni said...

This is for your birthday -- do not open until tomorrow:
If this links does not work, there is a link on my blog that does
It will definitely make you smile!

Traci said...

Be safe, and have a great birthday tomorrow!!!

C-Myste said...

Wow, we're almost twins! 'Cept I'm a bunch older. Virgos unite.

Stay safe and I hope that you have no damage from the storm.

coopercreek said...

Stay safe.