Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interview and Agility

Well, my interview in KC is tomorrow. It'll be a long day; my flight leaves Houston at 8:35 AM and my return flight gets back into Houston at 8:24 PM. When I get to Kansas City, around 10:30, I will first go have lunch with three people, and then after lunch I will interview with FIVE different people! Sounds lovely, doesn't it? NOT!

On the agility front. So far, all the local trials through mid-October I know of have been cancelled. In fact, this weekend should have been our first trial of the season, and Holly's first trial ever. Facility destroyed, facility being used as a staging area, multiple club board members with their home destroyed; these are all different reasons that I have heard that have caused the cancellation of different trials. Houston/Galveston is a bit of a depressing place to live right now.

On a more positive note, Leaps n' Bounds re-opened classes this week. They still have a lot of fences down (I feel sorry for the residents behind the LnB facility, they've got a front row view, from their kitchen, of all the classes) and of course, like everyone else here, they have huge piles of collected limbs and partial trees. But the rings are cleared and the equipment is whole! Holly, and especially Mikey, were soooooo thrilled to go to class this week. Mikey was on FIRE! I've never seen him run so fast, and it's not like he's slow to begin with! The course was a twisty, turny, challenging, but also fun, course. It's a real mental challenge for me to run two dogs with such different needs and strengths on the same course. We had an awesome time!

Except for the mosquitoes! Which should be a post by it's self! Millions and millions of coastal mosquitoes were blown in by Ike. They're a different kind of mosquito than what we normally have here; much, much bigger, and it actually hurts when they bite! You literally can't go outside without being swarmed, yuck!

Enough for now, I've got to finish getting ready for tomorrow and get to bed early; my alarm clock is set for 3:30!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.


penni said...

Best of luck! You'll wow ALL the interviewers.

Sarah said...

hmm, I'm way behind, but I *might* know where you interviewed in Kansas City... if you wish to share, feel free to email me privately,

If it IS where I think it is, then believe me, no loss that they didn't make an offer.