Friday, September 12, 2008

Battened Down

Well, I'm over at my parents and we've had dinner (and the dogs have had theirs) and gotten ourselves organized (sort of) and we're battened down. I didn't leave my place until almost 4 o' clock; I had a hard time making myself go.

It's about 9 o' clock now and we're starting to get some really strong wind gusts (according to the news coverage, about 40 mph gusts in this area); strong enough that I'm not letting the dogs into the back yard on their own to relieve themselves anymore, but instead taking them on leash just outside the back door, for fear of falling limbs. Of which we have had none here, so far; however, there was a little boy in Houston killed tonight by a falling limb, so better safe. We still haven't gotten a single drop of rain.

According to the news, the power is out in Galveston and many of the other coastal communities, as well as a few areas in south Houston. Based on the radar, it doesn't look like Houston has gotten any rain yet either. The coastal areas are starting to get bands of moderate rain. The current forecast calls for the worst of the hurricane force winds to reach to this area around 3 in the morning, continuing to around 11 o' clock in the morning, or there abouts. Supposedly, the eye will pass directly over us here, at which time it should become completely calm; it could take up to five hours for the eye to pass over. The winds should be back to 'normal' by around 4 pm.

If things get really bad and the windows start to go, we're going to hunker down in the hallway. We've got water, flashlights, batteries, a hand crank radio, and the dog's crates ready to stuff in there; it will be very, very. . . cozy.

So, that's the scoop. I'm worn out with getting ready, and my rheumatoid arthritis is really flaring up (surprise, surprise - not!). I think the waiting is driving us all a little crazy, particularly because we have had the all the hurricane news coverage on in the background constantly since yesterday afternoon. . .

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Nicki said...

We'll be thinking of you! There's an award for you to claim on my blog!