Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Geez, I couldn't come up with a title, at least not one that didn't involve any bad words.

I was laid-off on Monday. Actually, the entire science team was laid-off. And the company's group insurance plan will be cancelled on the 30th, meaning no COBRA will be available. I spent a good part of the day yesterday on the phone trying to find out about getting an individual insurance policy, but with every company, as soon as they found out I have an autoimmune disease, they said they either could not offer me a policy at all, or could only offer a policy that did NOT cover my rheumatoid arthritis. Texas does have a health insurance risk pool, which I may be able to get insurance through, but still, d'oh!!!

In many ways it was a relief to have been let go, since the company ran out of money months ago and we haven't received our paychecks on time since then. And, good news, I will be interviewing for a position in the greater Kansas City area next week (wish me luck!). And, as much as I am stressed and worried, and stressed and worried some more, you can't possibly live in the Houston/Galveston area right now and not have a sense of perspective. . .

And, I promise I will post pictures from our trip to the Frio soon!

The town of Gilchrist before hurricane Ike

And after

Bolivar peninsula, before and after hurricane Ike


sara said...

oh god. i don't have anything good to say other than i am thinking of you and hope that something will turn up. maybe in one way it's a relief to not have it hanging over your head and now you can begin to deal with it and figure out your options. hope the interview goes well. fingers crossed.

Katrin said...

sara took the words right out of my mouth. I hope that the interview goes great and you get the job! Does TX have anyting like they have here in MA (MassHealth)? It's subsidised health care.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

coopercreek said...

So sorry about the layoff. Wishing you lots of luck on your insurance dilemma and your job interview in K.C. If you get the job, then I will wholeheartedly welcome you to Missouri.

Cardis Rule!! Laura

Nicki said...

There is a pretty good circuit of agility trials in the missouri/kansas area if you move here. I can hook you up with premiums and trial secretary websites if you end up coming here. Good luck with everything.