Saturday, September 8, 2007

So 'Ya Say It's Your Birthday?

Even though my birthday isn't until next week, in our family we tend to celebrate the weekend before or after, if any of us are so unlucky as to have our birthday fall on a work day. So today's my unofficial, official birthday! Cardigrandma came over and shared a nice morning walk on the bayou with the cardikids and I, followed by yack-ity-yack, fresh fruit and coffee. A totally wonderful way to start the day. Then the dogs and I took a nice, indulgent nap. And then another spishy, splashy pool party (which also conveniently wore all the dogs out), then dinner, presents, and desert (fruit tart, yuuuuum). With lots of yack-ity-yack and admiring of our various dogs mixed in; a totally fun day start to finish!

In other cardi news, I've been lazy this week and we haven't done any training, just walkies and hanging out. One day this week I came home half day from work because I just couldn't suck it up and tough out being in pain again. And even with lots of meds, I was still miserable and couldn't escape into sleep. So I escaped into Photoshop and played with some pictures of the kiddos. For comparison I've included the original pictures first, and then Photoshop edited picture. Oh, and Mikey must have been able to tell I was feeling awful, because he was soooo cuddly! Such a sweet boy!

Currently reading 'Kushiel's Justice' by Jaqueline Carey. *Yippee for birthday books!!*

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.


Unknown said...

Yeah for birthday fun! If the dogs are happy the people will follow, right? LOVE the Holly picture photoshopped. It is like a piece of art!

BorderWars said...

Photoshop is fun, really fun. I just found the exposure feature, which allows you to lighten a picture without making it all white like "brightness/contrast" does.

I also am quite fond of Corgis. If I ever have a big place and a wife who doesn't like the high octane BCs, I'd get her some Corgis.

There's a Corgi named "Ein" that's a main character in an anime show I'm quite fond of called Cowboy Bebop. The writers and animators really keyed into the Corgi personality.

And if I did get a Corgi, I'd go Cardigan all the way.


BorderWars said...

P.S. India Ink is the greatest filter ever. (except for unsharp mask for photos)

manymuddypaws said...

fabulous pictures!!!! wow! great job!

Kate said...

That first photoshopped picture is BEAUTIFUL! I miss photoshop. Paint shop isn't nearly as cool, though it is a lot cheaper!

I got into corgis because of Cowboy Bebop!