Monday, February 11, 2008

The Return of the Grasshopper

Some of you may remember this - well, he's baaa-aaack! Seriously! I opened the front door yesterday night and who should come jumping on in? Mister Grasshopper (only bigger, I swear!). Holly and Mikey were convinced that my squealing attempts to herd him back out the door was a sign that I had finally come over to the dark side and decided that bugs make a good snack. So of course this now became a competition; who can catch and eat Mr. Grasshopper first? Needless to say, both Holly and Mikey were not much 'help' in herding Mr. Grasshopper back outside where he belongs. Poor Mr. Grasshopper. Where do you run when pursued by two ravenous dogs and one demented human? Apparently you grab on to the human and refuse to let go. EVER! Or you at least refuse to let go until you've been trasported (weeeeee! like a really, really squeeky roller coaster!) back outside and are stunned into letting go by a good whack from the demented human, at which time you better hop for your life, because the two ravenous dogs can't believe their snack is escaping.

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