Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ants In My Pants

Actually, not ants, grasshoppers. Just had to share this one! Guess the plague has moved up from mosquitoes to grasshoppers.

So let me build a little picture in your mind. . . I'm out on the lawn with Holly and Mikey, holding a plastic grocery sack (guess you know what they were up to!). Ho hum. . . Then I bend over to 'fill' the grocery bag, and feel something poke me in the back of the thigh. Um, hello!?! I'm wearing yoga pants that go down to my ankles, I've got a bag of sh!t in one hand, and two leashes in the other hand. . . and now I realize I have a LARGE, unidentified BUG in my PANTS!!!!! Much girlish, high pitched squealing and dancing about ensues. In fact, I seriously thought about dropping my drawers right then and there, neighbors be damned! Finally, with a lot of hopping around, a very large grasshopper plopped out the bottom of the pants.

Sorry, no pictures!

One human with a severe case of heeby jeebies, two very amused dogs, and one very traumatized grasshopper!

1 comment:

CardiGrandma said...

Hey, I needed a laugh tonight!!! Sooooooo glad you didn't drop your drawers!! You were entitled to the dance and the screams!