Saturday, July 28, 2007

I've decided not to try and dig up one of the cardinal vines from the bayou; I just don't think that I would be able to untangle one without damaging it too much. But. . . the all of the vines are loaded with seed pods, so I'm going to collect a bunch both for next year and to start right away. We'll have good growing weather in this part of the country through October. And maybe seedlings from these plants will be more hardy than the ones I started earlier this year; those seeds where from Holland of all places.

I also managed to catch a honey bee with the macro function.

And the bayou, besides being over run with mosquitoes, is totally overgrown. No more pretty wild flowers, just grass. The last few years, someone that lived on the bayou would use their riding mower and mow a path up and down the bayou, but not this year. I hope the county comes out soon to scalp the bayou, because the kids are starting to disappear. Actually, Mikey has turned this into a game. He'll go lay down in the grass and I'll pretend I can't find him and shout 'Where's Mikey?' and wander around like I can't find him, and then Mikey will come jumping out and run up to me like, 'I fooled 'ya mom, didn't I?' He's such a goof ball. Sometimes Holly gets into the act, hopping around on her back legs trying to look over the grass looking for Mikey too. They're such a pair!

Here's Mikey 'hiding'.Would you like to play find the cardi with me? There are two in each picture.

Just started re-reading 'Not Without My Daughter' by Betty Mahmoody and William Hoffer.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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StubbyDog said...

I'm still working on Harry Potter for reading, but I do have several excuses like moving. :P

Love the bayou, but not the skeeters!