Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The BIG Show

I really thought I would have time and energy to post how we were doing at the show over the weekend, but I didn't have enough time or energy, so here 'ya go. I'll post a few pictures today, and post more over the next few days.

Mikey was entered on Thursday (the Bluebonnet Club specialty) and Saturday (the designated specialty). Nope, he didn't get his last points to finish his Champion. He took third in his class on Thursday, and first on Saturday. It seemed really close on Saturday, but no dice. However, Mikey showed better than he ever has in my opinion, and I think I did a better job of grooming him than I ever have. Obviously I'm disappointed that he didn't finish, because I'm really ready to move on to other things with him, but overall I was happy with how well he showed and we both had a good time. These are pictures from the Bluebonnet Specialty on Thursday.

Holly was simply awesome! She was entered in Rally Novice on Friday and Saturday (and oh! how I wish I had entered her on Sunday!). Friday Holly got a 94 (out of 100 possible points) on Friday for second place in her class and a 98! on Saturday, again for second place. First place on Saturday also had a 98, but finished their course a few seconds faster. Saturday was a good day for the corgis; first place was a Pembroke. Lowrider dogs rule!

And my dad and Meg did great too. I can't remember his scores off the top of my head, but he went second in his Rally Advanced class Friday, Saturday, and I think Sunday for three Q's and and new title!


StubbyDog said...

I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself at the show, but OMGosh huge congrats on the OB legs! Those are really great scores! I may be tackling Rally with Leo next...as in next year. :o) Or maybe Lizzie, she's so mellow she'd probably be a lot easier LOL.

Good pictures, I wish I'd remembered to bring my durned camera.

CardiGrandma said...

So glad I got to see all the action at Reliant! You and the cardis did great! It was the best show ever...or as Mikey would say, "my favorite!"