Thursday, August 23, 2007


Yippee! The bayou has finally been scalped. No more disappearing cardis! Of the course, the problem now is keeping the little brats from rolling in the various bugs, lizards, and toads that were done in by the mowers. Why! do they have to do that!?!
I'm delaying getting ready for work; I'm not feeling very well at all this morning, and we have 'big cheeses' coming in for meetings today. I really should have gone shopping last night so I would have something to wear. For real, I don't have any really good summer outfits that fit the bill for 'dressed up business casual'. I always end up looking dowdy. Ugh!

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Christopher Landauer said...

I think the same thing about fashion hounds sometimes. Like they walked into the nasty store and said, I JUST HAVE TO ROLL IN THAT! I WANT THAT ON ME!!!!

I have no idea why people or dogs decide that rolling in foul things is so much fun.

My two will sniff any new food for minutes until they decide they just might try it... but the first disgusting thing they find on the trail, it's all over them.