Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just Do It!

I know! I'm bad, and haven't posted in a while; a combination of too tired/too busy/nothing nice to say. I've been working my butt off at, umm, work. And nothing much has been going on with the cardikids, partly because I've been working my butt off, partly because Holly is still not entirely sound, and partly because there has been a planned break in agility classes.

Speaking of agility, send some good thoughts out to J. She's really having a rough time of it; she decided to take a break from teaching agility because she's been taking care of a friend that had a stroke and then last week was in an awful car accident, as in cut out of the car with the jaws. She's doing ok physically, in fact she was released from the hospital the same day, but jeez, the poor thing needs a break!

So, R is taking over the agility classes. My dad has taken classes with her before and really likes her. First class with R will be this Thursday. Also, unfortunately, the class location is changing; no more agility class three miles from my place. On the other hand, my class and my dad's class have been combined, so he's going to pick me up and drive us all over to class; which means some time to hang out with my dad coming and going, and I don't have to deal with traffic. Yippee!

I picked up a couple of velcro type knee supports this morning. Which brings me to the 'Just Do It' portion of today's post. I have got to start getting into better shape if I'm going to keep running agility, especially with Mikey. Not exercising beyond walking the dogs hasn't done a thing to help my pain level with the RA, so why not at least try to push through it and get back in shape?

So I started with lifting hand weights last night, and continued tonight with a run with Mikey; part jog, part sprints. We'll see how it goes. I've mostly been keeping Mikey in shape with some serious ball fetching on the bayou. If it's round and will fit in his mouth, Mikey will chase it for as long as your arm holds out.

I also did some obedience work with Holly a tonight. We had our third Rally-O class last weekend. Somehow I've got to get her barking under control, without taking away the fun she has doing obedience. I really noticed tonight when I gave her sharp 'NO's' for barking, it really damped down her attitude. On the other hand, B, our Rally instructor has mentioned several times that most judges would NQ us for excessive barking. Grrrrrr! Part of the fun for Holly is telling me off! How to keep it fun, but get her to shut up!?!

Oh, and an update on the RA treatment; I've got to 'try' methotrexate for at least the next three to four months. After that, I assume that farking Unicare will let me go back to Enbrel. So far the methotrexate hasn't shown any positive effects, only negative ones. As in making me even more fatigued than usual for several days after my weekly dose and making the irritable bowel rear it's ugly head again. Thank you, thank you, farking Unicare!

Currently reading 'A Meeting At Corvalis' by S. M. Stirling.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

Is it just me, or is Mikey a complete goober!?!

Shots of the last full moon. I just can't resist taking pictures of the moon!

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