Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So far we're having a grrrr week at the Cardihouse. Holly has an appointment with our vet tomorrow; every time her limp seems to get a little better, it just gets worse again. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing serious is going on! And work is totally blowing right now. And the methotrexate still is not helping. And it's sooooo hot and humid; just miserable really, even first thing in the morning. And the high humidity combined with the heat is giving us thunder storms almost every afternoon/evening. Agility Thursday is not looking good, although the new location for our class does drain better than the old place.

If Holly doesn't have anything serious going on, we've got a Rally show and go this weekend. I'm still doing some light training with her to give her some attention in the evenings before leaving her home and taking Mikey out for a run on the bayou. I haven't entered either Holly or Mikey in the Reliant shows yet. I would hate to lose the entry fees for Holly since she certainly can't show if she's limping, and I hate being first in catalog entry with Mikey; gah, stacking him on the table while the judge watches! That is guaranteed to make me fumble around!

Poor Mikey, we've been back from the bayou for about thirty minutes, and he's still panting. I can't imagine running around in this kind of weather with a fur coat on. . . See below where both of the kiddos like to lay to cool down. They love those cool tiles!

I'll let you know what I find out from the vet. . .

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi!' and 'Can we fly north for the summer!?!'

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CardiGrandma said...

I agree flying north would be a good thing. I will be waiting to hear about Holly...keeping good thoughts.