Thursday, February 8, 2007

Mikey is 'Da Man!!

After weeks of being rained out, we finally had Thursday evening agility class! Yippee! We did a 16 obstacle course, and Mikey was awesome! And it wasn't a simple course, it was very technical, with most of the obstacles set so that the approach was either blind to the dog or at least required an angled approach. Mikey was right on, following my 'Out' and 'Here' commands to properly set him up for each obstacle. And he was fast! I was having to haul my butt to keep up with him. The course included weaves, 12 of them, and not off set, and the weave poles seem to have finally clicked for Mikey! This little boy is going to be ready to compete soon! Can you tell I'm proud of the 'Little Dude'?

Too tired for more, except to report that the dental appointment was a disaster where I was not given the laughing gas I had requested, the dentist couldn't get me numb even after jabbing me like a pin cushion, and so only worked on one of the two teeth, but didn't finish the crown on that tooth either, and said I need a root canal, and I found out that the dentist had been sitting on a $397 credit for the past year. The only good news is that with the credit I didn't owe them anything for today's work, but sheesh!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi' and Mikey says 'Oh boy! Agility, my Favorite!'

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dbryson1 said...

Go Mikey!!! He has come a long way!