Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Assorted Fecal Matter (or Random Cr@p)

I used to work with this guy that was funnier then he!!, but also very religious, so instead of telling people to 'get your sh!t together' he would tell them to 'get your fecal matter coagulated'. I still get a kick out of that!

The weather is looking good for agility tomorrow evening, finally! However, I'm still feeling like death warmed over, with major joint pain, and daily 'digestive upset'. I did go to the Reumatologist last Friday (or rather a PA since getting into the reumy is impossible). A steroid injection and a new prescription NSAID that will hopefully have fewer side effects. I admit I'm getting a little down, since the injection hasn't helped.

A busy weekend coming up (including a hair cut that will hopefully tame the curly mop). Will be getting ready for the upcoming vacation with my parents, and hopefully getting over to friend Doris' to see here 13 six week old Cardigan puppies. Yes! 13! Of course I will take my camera, in fact I promised to take pictures for her to put up on her web site, and I promise to share with you, faithful readers!
As to the upcoming vacation, my parents and their two Brittanys and me and the kids are all going to cabins on the Frio River near Leakey, in the Texas Hill Country! Yippee for Vay-Cay-Shun!! We all need a break. No phones, no TV (but a DVD player), NO WORK!! We are taking some good books, some DVD's, plenty of snacky foods, and hiking shoes. Oh, and lots of dog chewies so that we can enjoy our books and DVD's in the evenings. We're getting two cabins, but will probably pile into one for most of the weekend. May be interesting, as Mikey and the younger Brittany, Meg, are in Luv, and just want to play constantly, while Holly and the older Brittany, Bobbie, get a little fed up with the both of them!
I am finally getting the two crowns done tomorrow. I had to put work on these teeth off for a year as I had wiped out my dental coverage with two root canals in January last year. Wish me luck folks, because they always have a he!! of a time getting me numb enough (I payed for IV sedation for the root canals, I'm not stupid). I'm going to try laughing gas this time though, hope it helps.
Final random thoughts. Goofy things the kids do. . . Well, Holly does this thing I like to call the 'Happy Butt Dance'. If you scratch her right above her tail, she'll stick her nose in the air and then do this little jig with her butt. And Mikey plays honest to goodness catch. I don't mean catching a ball tossed to him (although he does that too) but that he will actually pop the ball back to you! He has figured out how to bounce the ball off of his teeth so that he can 'throw' the ball back. And he can keep it up for a loooong time. And he has great aim, it is literally like he is playing catch with you!

Random pictures, to go with random thoughts.
Currently reading 'The Traitor's Wife' by Susan Higginbotham.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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