Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Home! As in back from my interview in St. Louis. Interviews are sooo much fun Did I mention I HATE to fly?

The good news is that this interview went (or at least felt) much better than the interview in Kansas City. Coincidentally, I FINALLY got an e-mail, this afternoon no less, from the HR recruiter for the KC job. "Thank you for your interest, but get lost". I joke, but that's how that kind of e-mails always seem to me.

I have mixed emotions about the job in St. Louis. I liked all of the people I interviewed with quite a bit, and felt much more comfortable with them than with any of the people I interviewed with in KC. While still a large, stable company, the actual group I would work in is nice and small.

On the other hand, Kansas City seemed like a safe move, since most of my extended family live in the greater Kansas City area, and I don't know a soul in St. Louis. . . And, salary never came up in today's interview. . .

Guess I'll just have to wait and see. And keep on job hunting.

And, last but not least, a big thank you to Cardigrandma for staying with Holly and Mikey last night so that I didn't have to board them! She must have taken really, really good care of them, since I got an underwhelming greeting when I got home, like "Oh, so glad you're home. Ummm. I guess this means grandma won't be coming back to stay with us tonight? Bummer."


coopercreek said...

I'm close to St. Louis. I live 60 miles away from St. Louis City, but I work 50 miles from home in St. Louis County. Good luck with the job hunt. Hopefully, you'll have some good news from your interview.

Kristine said...

I love the part about 'cardigrandma'! One time, years ago, I boarded Rugby and Riley here:


Yes, it's a 'bed and breakfast' for dogs! They had such a good time while they were there, when I went to pick them up they came out, saw me and said a quick 'hi'--and then turned and ran back into their 'suite'!