Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rain, Rain

So much for doing sprints this morning, it's really coming down, complete with thunder and lightening! Although I'm not saying 'Go away', since we haven't had a drop of rain since hurricane Ike several weeks ago, and this rain brings a cool front. The temps won't change much, but the humidity will drop!

I haven't heard anything back from the company in KC; I called and left a message with my HR contact with the company yesterday. I have no idea if it's a good sign or bad sign that they are 'late' in contacting me (the hiring manager told me the day I interviewed that I would hear from the HR contact by Wednesday or Thursday last week).

For the time being, I'm job hunting, studying weak areas in my programming, trying to deal with my medical insurance situation, and spending (lots of) time with Holly and Mikey.

Spending more time with Holly and Mikey is one (the only?) good thing about being laid off. A couple of weeks before hurricane Ike, I found out about a local nature preserve with a great hiking trail, and we've been going there for a morning hike every few days. Since the hurricane, the trail is a bit more primal than it was before. Which is actually kind of fun for all of us; crawling under downed trees, or, in my case, climbing over downed trees if possible, or beating a new trail around downed trees. The coastal mosquitoes seem to have finally died off around here, although there are still plenty of the local boogers. And, in anticipation of the agility trial season finally starting up, we've been going out together and running sprints every few days too. Physically, we're oh so ready. And Holly and Mikey have both been kicking butt in class, so I think mentally we're ready too.

Our first trial is this coming weekend. Yippee! It will be Holly's first ever trial (Jumpers only) and Mikey only needs one leg to finish his open Standard title. We're only entered one day for this trial, since I was still working when I sent my entry; with my rheumatoid arthritis I just can't do two days and then turn around and work all week, the more days I trial, the more and longer I pay for it with bad joint pain (although I'm hoping that being in better shape this year, strength training and sprints, will help with that somewhat).

I have my Frio pictures ready to post, maybe this evening or tomorrow I will have time to post all of them (uh, I've got quite a few).

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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