Friday, October 24, 2008

The Scoop

The rest of my week since my interview in St. Louis has been relatively quiet. We were rained out for agility class this week. We've got a two day agility trial this weekend. Mikey is in Excellent (!) Standard and Open Jumpers, Holly is in Novice Jumpers, and my dad's dog, Meg, is in Novice Jumpers and Standard (one leg to go in each!) Saturday and Sunday. It doesn't look like there will be any ring conflicts between all three dogs, although finding time for lunch may be a challenge! There will be a Volunteer Measuring Judge at this trial, so keep your fingers crossed Holly gets her second measure at 11 inches or less! (Speaking of which, Holly ran at our last trial in 4 inch Preferred with the little Pembroke that originally gave me the idea last year that Holly might be small enough to run at 4 inches. Seeing them side-by-side while we both waited ring side, yup! they're almost exactly the same size!)

Also, Kate wanted to know if Mikey has finished yet. No. He still needs one more bloody point! And yes, I do intend to finish him. Actually, there was a local breed show this month that I had intended to enter, but the closing date was the week after hurricane Ike, and it totally slipped my mind until the weekend after it closed. There are a couple of shows in November that I'm planning on entering, including a supported entry that coincides with the Bluebonnet club meeting/Christmas party. Honestly, I really don't enjoy showing in breed anymore, but with only one point to go. . .

And please keep my parents in your thought/prayers. Bobbie, their older Brittaney, is not doing well, and hasn't been doing well for a while. They're having 'the talk' this morning. I haven't been talking about Bobbie partly because it's painful (I still lived with my parents, with my old dog, Misty, when Bobbie joined our family), partly because it's not my story to tell, and mostly because it's not my decision to make, and I know my mom reads my blog. Love you Cardigrandma! I'm sorry it's so hard and so painful and I wish I could do more to help!!!

Hug your dogs.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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