Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Laws of Attraction

Yup, we're on a roll at the Cardihouse, and not of the good kind. Yesterday the bayou was out to get us; or actually, out to get me, and attempt to make me cry! First, Holly got sucked in the bayou (watch that last step, it's a duzzee!) about 45 minutes before we needed to leave for a vet appointment. She showed up for her appointment clean, but still very damp around the edges. (Nothing wrong with her by the way, just a regular blood work check because she's on long term Rimadyl.)

And then, Mikey's beloved tennis ball got sucked into the bayou. This evening we were out with the chuck-it-stick (I love!) and I had a bad throw that hit the edge of the bayou where it starts to curve down into the bayou. Bonk, bounce. . .bounce. . . bounce, splash! Ya' know, with a chuck-it-stick, you can throw the ball a loooooong way. I think everyone in a two mile radius heard my 'Mikey, NO, COOOOME'! Mr. Nameless, who was center stage in the cat poo eating incident last week, has redeemed himself by giving his (now floating) tennis ball one final, mournful look, and then running back to mamma.

So I now have another reason to love my chuck-it-stick. I left both dogs on a 'sit, wait' at the top of the bayou, and went down to the edge of the water, and scooped the ball out with the stick. And then went home a doused the ball and stick with both soap and rubbing alcohol. (I'm not crazy, besides all the crud that is probably growing in there (I was a working microbiologist for years), the bayou is a big drainage ditch, so in my mind, it's also a chemical soup from all the stuff ding dongs have poured down the storm drains.)

Tomorrow morning, we're not going near that darn thing, we're going over to my parents to play agility. Hopefully, by tomorrow evening, the bayou will have lost some it's magnetic pull on the Cardihourse.

And to continue the theme of the laws of attraction, some pictures of the full moon, and some random pictures of the kids from the last couple of weeks.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.


manymuddypaws said...

Fabulous Pictures! Mikey and Holly are so cute!

Christopher said...

Nice PIX. Moon shots are so tough, the top ones came out great for B/W, and getting the still-daytime shots is worth kudos. There's only a few minutes when the moon is the right luminosity to have detail and not underexpose the rest of the scene. You got it.

CardiGrandma said...

I have to agree...the moon shots are awesome!! No one ever said cardis were prissy. Glad you got the ball out of the bayou...he would be so lost without a good chase!