Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blah Week

Well, from Holly and Mikey's viewpoint, this has been a blah week. Mikey is showing in breed this weekend. Saturday's a supported entry with six dogs entered both days. Saturday is going to be a long day since regular classes start at 11, but sweeps aren't until 1:45 (I know, can you imagine?) and after sweeps is our club meeting/Christmas party. Oh, and I lied about doing an agility trial with Mikey in October (obviously). The month just rushed by and I missed all of the closing dates. The next local agility trial is January 12. But then after that, there is a local agility trial almost every weekend through April. I also have Holly entered in Rally at a local show in December (and I'll have time to enter Mikey at the same show if he doesn't finish this weekend. Please cross fingers that he finishes this weekend.) Oh, and I finally put up a post here. Last, playing with the macro function on my camera, I got this shot of the world's tiniest praying mantis.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

1 comment:

Guppy said...

Another state to get a dog show report from this weekend! Don't make us wait up till midnight!

Lots of luck!