Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cast of Characters

Introductions are in order, so . . .

I'm 35 years old, 4'11" with brown eyes, and the rest is subject to change without notice. I live and work in a Houston suburb and make a living as a scientist at a biotech company. My title is 'Manager of Imaging and Statistical Analysis' which sounds important, but the reality is not so much. This blog is definitely not going to be about work, so I will just leave it at I mostly like my job, it's interesting, it pays the bills, I'm grateful to have a decent job/career, and I think it would be better to be independently wealthy and not have to work. I've got some health problems that I'm not going to bother going into today. I'm not married, and I don't think that's a huge loss, at least for now. I'm a board member of the local Cardigan club. And I adore reading; mostly novels and history. I would love to write myself, but so far haven't done so well with setting words down. I love sushi and vinegar and salt potato chips and have a real weakness for Ben and Jerry's ice cream. That about covers it.

No false advertising here, this blog really is going to mostly be about my adventures with my Cardigan Corgis, so an introduction to them is most important! Both of 'the kids' are training in obedience/rally and agility. Both have a strong start in tracking, but due to health problems (mine) and available time, we have been taking a break from tracking this year. Tracking is a lot of fun though, and I miss the people in the local tracking club, so we will be getting back to it soon. I have been showing my male dog in the breed ring (conformation) since he was six months old. He is only three points away from earning his Champion title and has three majors, all at supported entries or specialties (supported entries/specialties are sponsored by the national or local breed club, so wins are a bit more prestigious, and entries are larger, so they are also great opportunities to see other people in the breed that I don't get to see on a regular basis). Both dogs have their Canine Good Citizen certificate, which is basically the American Kennel Club (AKC) version of a temperament test. The dogs have to show good manners around people and other dogs and show that they can obey basic commands like coming when called, or staying in place for a short time. I would also love to learn herding with the dogs. My girl has been herding instinct tested on sheep, and she thought that was great fun! Maybe someday - it's another one of those time conflict things.

Cardigan number one is a three year old spayed female, brindle and white, named Twinroc Aelwyn Cariad CGC. Her name generally translates to 'white browed sweetheart' in Welsh. Her call name is Holly, as in Christmas holly, since she was born right before Christmas. Around here she is also known as The Princess, The Diva and Miss Sassypants. Holly was bred by Paul and Doris of Twinroc Cardigans. Paul and Doris have been breeding Cardigans since I believe 1969 and have won five Best in Specialties at the Cardigan nationals, as well as having bred dogs that have been influential in many past and present breeding lines. Doris was my first contact when I began searching for my first Cardigan, and I consider her both a friend and a mentor. Sadly, Paul lost his battle with cancer last year. I will always regret that I was only able to know him for such a short time.

Cardigan number two is a two year old intact male, blue merle and white with tan points, named Pecan Valley DreamCatcher CGC. His call name is Mikey, but he is also known as Mike the Mouth, Little Dude, and Monkey Boy. Mikey was bred by Betty and Colin of Pecan Valley Cardigans. As they live in another state, I haven't had much of an opportunity to get to know them.

The best thing about both Mikey and Holly are their personalities. Sooo different from each other, and both sure to keep things interesting around our house!

Enough for today, both dogs need baths, and they have a lot more hair than they look like! If you ever want to see the most pathetic sight, check out a sad Cardigan! Those huge ears start to droop when they are upset, and they kind of look like Yoda. The saddest thing you have ever seen!!

I'll leave you with a picture of Mikey's last big win. He went Best of Winners at the Bluebonnet Club specialty at the Reliant Series dog show here in Houston back in July. Shown with the judge, club officers with the memorial plaque for Best of Winners and art work that was offered as trophy for best of winners, and of course myself and the wonderful Mikey!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'!

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