Monday, November 17, 2008

Fort Bend KC Trial - New Title!

Well, Saturday started with a bang; as in my head banging into the hatch on my Cruiser while I was loading the car. D'oh!! The top of my head is still sore.

Great news!! There was an measuring judge at the trial and I did a challenge measure with Holly; he measured her at just a tick under 11 inches! Yippee, she's officially able to compete at 4 inches Preferred! And. . . drum roll please. . . she finished her Novice Jumpers title with first place and a perfect score of 100 and a course time of 33.69 seconds (SCT 46 seconds). Pictures to follow later this week.

Mikey had a dropped bar in Open Jumpers, and got a refusal at the weaves in Excellent Standard, so no Q's. The refusal was my fault; I stumbled a little doing a front-front cross from the chute to the weaves (see the course below) and got in Mikey's way at the entry to the weaves. Take a look at that course. It may not look so bad on 'paper', but it was a tight course; I watched many, many dogs stumble on the hard turn from jump 2 to the dog walk. I really felt sorry for all the long legged and big, heavy dogs, although it ended up being a fun course for my short legged boy. As usual, I was really pleased with Mikey; he always tries so hard, and ALWAYS has a great time. The dropped bars in Jumpers are getting really frustrating; it's really aggravating to have perfect course after perfect course, except for a dropped bar. Grrrr!

My dad's dog Meg did NOT take off and tour the ring in either her Jumpers or Standard courses. Unfortunately, she still ended up with an off course in each, so no Q's for her either.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your newest title. I often wonder why the judges feel it is necessary to make their courses so hard. I remember when agility started and as I'm sure you remember those that are now the Sr. agility judges didn't have near the difficult courses they design now. I said I was going to start Rally-O early before it got silly.

Kristine said...

Congrats on your new title! And I'm SO jealous you have an 8" (4" preferred) Cardi!!!

Nicki said...

Congrat on the title. Bummer about the bars-that always sucks.