Sunday, June 22, 2008

Clean and Minty Fresh

Well, pepperminty fresh. *New Product Alert* I tried Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, in peppermint, this weekend. Loved it! Don't let the name put you off. I originally heard about this product from the Pet Connection blog, and then ran into it at a local store in the fru fru (organic soaps, lotions and potions) section. Why do I love it so much, beside it being something both the dogs and I can use? It lathers like crazy with a 1:8 dilution, and rinces out in a FLASH! The worst part of bathing Holly and Mikey is the hours (feels like) I spend trying to rinse all the shampoo out. It was so easy rinsing (and smelled so nice) that I also washed collars and leashes.

In other news, I was vividly reminded today of why there is no trialing in summer here (unless it's indoors). My dad and I went over to Leaps 'n Bounds this morning for a little agility play. We set up an Excellent course from a trial map my dad had floating around in his car and had a great time! But man, was it HOT! We were finished and back on the road for home by 10:00 am, but it was already pretty miserable; my hair was so wet that I looked like I had just stepped out of the shower.

As hot has it was, I must humbly admit that I am starting to kick butt! I haven't talked about it here, but over the past two plus months I have made some huge changes in my eating habits, as well as modifying my exercise routine. I have been following the Primal Blueprint, for the most part, and I am thrilled with the results. I'm running faster and stronger, less winded, and catch my breath more quickly after running a course. My primary goal in changing my earing habits was to have some kind of positive affect on my rheumatoid arthritis, but the improvements in my ability to run agility have been a very pleasant added benifit! I can't wait for the start of the fall season!!

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear the Primal lifestyle is working out for you. I've got a new "testimonials" section of my website if you're interested in posting some comments about your results. Keep up the good health. Cheers!

Nicki said...

Glad you are feeling so much better!