Sunday, December 16, 2007

My I Don't Have to Run Day

Remember the song from the 90's (or maybe it was the 80's)? '. . . Sunday, that's my fun day, my I don't have to run day. . .' Or something like that. Anyway, I'm enjoying at least a slow morning; a slow, long walk on the bayou and then sipping coffee and catching up on all the blogs I enjoy.

Mikey did a little funny at the end of our walk. Because there wasn't a soul out there this morning, I let both dogs run off leash right up to the gate back into our complex. Well, it's a wrought iron fence, and there's a bigger gap between the poles at the edge of the gate, but only that one space is bigger. Apparently big enough for Mikey to pop through. Because Mikey was running full tilt and, POP, there he was inside the gate, while Holly and I were still outside. I called for Mikey to 'come', but the goofy boy kept trying to go between the poles everywhere except the one gap that was big enough for him to fit through. You should have seen his face! Like 'OMGosh! What have I done!' So I told him to 'sit' and 'wait' until I could get to the gate and let him back out to put leashes on. Mikey is such a goober!

On the agility front, there's not much going on. I went to my parents house last weekend, and here's the course I set up. I don't show any numbers, because we ran it back and forth from either direction. The two side ways jumps we did as a serpentine because the space was just too tight to try a threadle. I don't think I'm going to try to go to my parents this weekend.

Some how we missed agility class this week. I was running late from work on Monday, so I tried to go on Wednesday, but when I got there, nobody was there. I don't know what happened; it was misting lightly, but I didn't get a rain out e-mail, and as far as I understood classes would continue until Dec. 21 and then brake for the holidays. I guess I'll go ahead and drive out there tomorrow unless work gets in the way.

My dad got a second Novice leg on Meg yesterday, although my mom and I didn't go to watch. The entire weekend has kind of been off because my mom was supposed to go visit family in Missouri this weekend, but didn't go because of the weather there (which turned out not to be any weather at all), and my dad really wasn't planning on showing on Saturday, because he was taking my mom to the airport and the show location is several hours away. So when my mom's trip got canceled at the last minute, he decided to go yesterday anyway. He and Meg got a 94 and fourth place and he's really pleased with how up and focused Meg was. They're not going back today, since he's already entered in a local show in January and my mom and I would like to be there when Meg finishes her title.

I'm thinking about entering Holly in Rally Advanced at that show. But, I have an agility trial with Mikey the weekend after, and then a weekend off, and then another agility trial the next weekend and I get tired just thinking about show weekends back to back. On the other hand, local(ish) obedience and rally trials are few and far between. There is a breed/obedience/rally show the weekend between the two agility trials that I was planning on entering with both Mikey and Holly, but I've decided not to because it's about over an hour away and obviously, that would be back to back to back weekends of showing, not counting the one my dad has already entered. Whatever. Mikey needs one more bloody point and there are a couple of local shows and then Reliant this summer. Surely he'll finish eventually.

I spent all day yesterday making three double batches of cranberry bread for gifts and for our family (my mother is off tomorrow and, since she's not in Missouri, she's going to make a few more loaves). My kitchen is a disaster area and I've got house work and laundry and bills, so I better get my rear in gear. Since I can't make cranberry bread for any of you for Christmas, here is the recipe and the recipe for the cheese spread we make to go with the cranberry bread (minus the bits of dough and shortening stains all over my recipe here). And here are a couple of not so great pictures of my outside lights (which I always rush right out to put up the Friday after Thanksgiving, because I am a total goober about Christmas). I also just realized that I've got to get my Christmas cards finished today! Aaargh!

Currently reading 'The Sunrise Lands' by S. M. Stirling.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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