Monday, March 5, 2007

Jack Fell Down, And Broke His Crown

Well, I didn't fall down, but I did break my crown. My temporary crown on my tooth that is! They put another temporary on, and I really need to make an appointment this week to get the root canal done. Sounds like fun, huh!?! It's been a long day, and I ran around after work doing things like running the dogs on the bayou, grinding dog nails, doing dishes, and sending a long overdue e-mail response to an old friend. Didn't get all the house work done that I had planned to do, but I still have tomorrow. And I spent a little time with the kids practicing silly tricks; high five and bow. Wednesday evening I have a Bluebonnet Cardigan Club board meeting, and Thursday night is agility class. It's going to be a busy week!

Mikey did great in class last Thursday; advanced class was no problem for him. Considering there were two females in heat in our class, he did amazing. He definitely thought they were charming little ladies, and was definitely flirting, but he got right down to business when we ran our course! Such a good boy! This week will be Holly's turn.

I skipped out on doing agility with my dad this weekend because I was not feeling so well; joints really hurting and my digestive system not cooperating at all!

I really need to get to bed early tonight, so I will leave you now with some pictures of the full moon that I took this weekend.

Currently reading 'Innocent Traitor' by Alison Weir.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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