Monday, May 26, 2008

Galveston County KC Agility Trial

Our first class of the weekend was awesome! Open Standard, and Mikey was SMOKIN'!! 100 points, 45.19 seconds (SCT 77.0) and first place! One of those really awesome runs where you don't even have to think about anything - you and your dog are totally in sync!

And after that. . . we totally self destructed. Mikey broke is stay at the start of his jumpers run, and after three tries, we just had to leave the weaves behind, and he completely destroyed the triple bar ('ya gotta' love the sound of poles flying!). Sunday in Standard we also ended up leaving the weaves without finishing, although the rest of the run really was lovely. And after that we went home.

Some of our problem was the heat. We've been waking up to 80 degree, 90% humidity and enjoying high temps in the low 90's, still with that wonderful humidity. It's really just to late in the year to be running at an agility trial in south Texas. Of course, when I entered the trail months ago, the weather was still pretty pleasant (note to self).

Oh well, there'll be more trials in the fall. I suppose I should put it in perspective; since January Mikey has finished both of his Novice titles, and has two legs on his Open Standard title, which is more that respectable in my book. The best part has been how proud I have been of Mikey, with or without titles. My sweet little boy runs his heart out every single time, and has an AWESOME time doing it. He's fast as greased lightening, but still totally responsive to me. And people get such a kick out of him; he makes friends everywhere he goes, because no one can miss the joy that just radiates from him. . . 'Agility, oh boy, my favorite!' 'People, oh boy, my favorite!' 'Other dogs, oh boy, my favorite!' Life's just one big party for Mikey.

Although, I wish we had ended the trail season on a better note.

Holly and Mikey say 'Hi'.

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